Technological Theories

What are the technological theories about entrepreneurship?
This theory bring objects and technology into a network perspective.
This theory looks at innovations that use the same components that are assembled in a new way (a new product architecture).
Based on the idea of open source, a new breed of startups is ready to share.
The Competence Destruction Theory analyzes innovations brought to market that render existing firms obsolete.
Diffusion of Innovations Theory
This theory puts the emphasis on innovations and how they diffuse according to a regular process.  
Categorizes digital entrepreneurship as a unique phenomenon and elaborates differences.
Disruptive innovations are new innovations that create a new market, displaces existing firms and disrupt the existing market.
This theory is really about the way technological changes that are unpredictable, affect entrepreneurs. 
McLuhan's theory suggest that it is not the content in media that influences us but rather the medium itself.

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