Discovery Theories of Entrepreneurship

Are entrepreneurial opportunities discovered?

Discovery theories are theories where there is an underlying assumption suggesting that entrepreneurial opportunities are discovered, not created. It makes a big difference because if opportunities are discovered, then they must be objective or at least inter-subjectively reliable. That means that two people could recognize and capitalize on the same opportunity. If it were not the case, then opportunities could not be discovered, only created. The process of creation happens in the human mind and is based on imagination and thus should not be expected to converge on a single point for two people.

Individual-Opportunity Nexus Theory
This is one of the newer theories, it continues to be debated along with the actualization theory lower down.
Perhaps opportunities are discovered with things change in the external environment.
This theory is often used by authors making economic arguments about entrepreneurs. 

This theory is for the hard core 'quant' that trusts the numbers above all else.

This one starts with the hope of Maslow, but ends up sounding a lot more like the nexus theory. 

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