Biological Theories of Entrepreneurship

What are the biological theories of entrepreneurship?

The brain parasite theory of entrepreneurship suggests that a brain parasite that is passed to humans by cats makes its hosts more amenable to entrepreneurship by changing their brain chemistry.
Explores if neuro-diverse individuals have some advantages in entrepreneurship.

Researchers suggest that mental disorders may be a pre-adaptation suited to entrepreneurship.

The genetic theory of entrepreneurship examines if entrepreneurs are born or made by comparing people with similar genes.

The Great Man theory posits that some individuals are born with very special abilities that cause them to become important social figures.

The life-cycle theory and stages theory look at entrepreneurship as a sequence of activities that occurs over time.

The birth order theory of entrepreneurship examines the likelihood that your birth order will affect your brain development.
Can people get hooked on entrepreneurship like drug?


This page lists all of the biological theories of entrepreneurship that we know about. There may be others lurking out there that we haven't yet discovered. So let us know if you find any we should add.

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