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Employee Entrepreneurship book

This website has had a lot of traffic since its inception. Half a million people have been here. We are working on a new book.We want this audience to know about it. This website was mostly created to benefit students of entrepreneurship who are interested in theory. Our new website, on the other hand, is for the typical employee of an organization who is thinking about leaving to start their own company. We want to tell you about Spinout Ventures , a website that we put up to promote our upcoming book titled: "The employee spinout handbook: A primer for prospective employees-turned-entrepreneurs". The book is the culmination of several years of research about employee entrepreneurship and employee spinouts in particular. Employee spinouts are special because they are not part of the parent company's plan. Rather, they are independent companies created by former employees of parent organizations.  Most of what you find on the internet about spinouts will point you instead

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